General aspects:

This terms and conditions govern the relationships between the website "www.few-words.com" and the persons who use this page. For the purpose of this set of terms and conditions the site "www.few-words.com" will be referred to as "site" or "us".

Accessing the site, including any page or component parts of it or any service provided through the site, may be done only in accordance with this set of terms and conditions, which include the data privacy policy and the cookie policy.

The site is not a contractual part. The site is not involved in the relationship between the company and the clients, nor as a contract party or representative of a contract party.

Using this site you aknowledge that all the material (text or pictures) provides by you to the site, becomes the property of the site. The site can use this material as it consideres. For the present moment, all the royalties that are consequences of the material written on the site are the property of the site. In the future, the site could review change its policy regarding the royalties as it consideres to be appropriate for some or all of its users.

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